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#211 : Intersecret Story

Titre VO : Chuck Versus Santa Claus
Titre VF : L'intersecret Story
Diffusion USA : 15/12/08
Diffusion FR : 17/05/09

 Résumé court :

Ce sont les fêtes de Noël au Buy More. Tous les employés se préparent à l'arrivée des clients qui viennent acheter leurs achats de Noël. C'est censé être le jour qui rapporte le plus de bénéfices de l'année. 
Au même moment, un homme armé est recherché par la police dans les rues de Burbank.   Il fonce dans le magasin et prend tout le monde en otage dont Ellie, Devon, Sarah et Casey. 

 Il dit vouloir faire de mal à personne et vouloir rentrer chez lui au plus vite. 

Au cours de la prise d'otage, Chuck se rend compte que le négociateur est en fait un agent du Fulcrum. De plus, le Fulcrum sait que quelqu'un du Buy More est sous protection gouvernementale... 

Morgan, pris lui-aussi en otage, doit faire à Anna qui refuse de lui adresser la parole depuis qu'il a refusé d'emménager avec elle. 
Chuck décide d'offrir un cadeau très spécial à Sarah pour lui montrer combien il tient à elle.


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Titre VO
Chuck Versus Santa Claus

Titre VF
Intersecret Story


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Promo Nouvelle Zélande


Plus de détails

(Jingle Bell Rock)

[Open: SUV driving by, a Santa Claus surfing, Christmas tree which pans down to a cafe]

[Cut to: exterior of Buy More, Big Mike and Emmett get out of their cars simultaneously]

Big Mike: Love the smell of day before Christmas in the morning.

Emmett: There's just nothing quite like the sweet scent of desperate last-minute shoppers in the air.

Big Mike: You jack our prices up 10%?

Emmett: 15. You snooze, you lose.

Big Mike: We're going to rob them blind.

Emmett: Merry Christmas!

Big Mike: Merry Christmas!

(They toast.)

[Cut to: exterior of Orange, Orange]

(Sarah is preparing for opening the shop. She sees a poster of a family on the wall and starts to look sadly at it, is interrupted by the bell as someone enters.)

Chuck: Hey. Sure is quiet around here. Bad guys taking a holiday, too? Not that I mind, by the way, 'cause the Intersect could use some downtime as well. Speaking of which, we have a cover date for tomorrow - Christmas at the Bartowskis!

Sarah: Oh. Thanks for the invitation, Chuck, but I don't do Christmas.

Chuck: (laughs) I'm sorry, but I think you just said you don't do Christmas?

Sarah: Look, I would rather not get into it.

Chuck: But it...it's Christmas! I'm not buying the whole Scrooge act, okay? Underneath that spy cover is a regular person, just like the rest of us. I mean, honestly, how weird could Christmas have been for you?

Sarah: Christmas at the Burton household meant the annual Salvation Army con-job.

Chuck: Okay. Well...so...okay. You're a little different from the rest of us. But Christmas at the Bartowskis means eggnog, pj's, a fake gas fireplace, and that's right. Twilight Zone marathons. I'm not taking no for an answer, Walker, so prepare to be heartwarmed.

(Sarah flicks something at Chuck, smiling.)

[Cut to: Buy More]

(Everyone is helping out with the Christmas decorations, dressed in elfin clothes.)

(Morgan runs toward Chuck in elfin costume.)

Morgan: Thank God you're here, Chuck, thank God. Anna won't speak to me, you know, after I balled at the whole moving-in-together-thing.

Chuck: (nodding) She thinks you're immature. Afraid to grow up and being dumped.

Morgan: Yeah, exactly, yeah. That's ridiculous! (camera spans out to take in Morgan and Chuck from head to toe) Do I not look like an adult to you? (scoffs)

(Chuck looks at Morgan from head to toe, smiles, about to say something, then walks off. Morgan turns around and sees himself in the flat screen. Shrugs.)

(Two Buy More employees, Jeff, Lester and Anna are watching TV about a car chase. Anna is holding money while Lester is waving his hand about, excited.)

Newscaster: Well it's about an hour now and the chase continues...

(voice fades)

Lester: $20 says this thing ends with the pigs making that punk eat lead. Fox!

(Chuck approaches)

Anna: I say, crashes, and we end up with a standoff and maybe hostages.

Lester: Never gonna happen!

Jeff: Please. You guys are amateurs. This thing has beatdown written all over it.

Lester: Bring it in, everybody, bring it in.

(camera closes on to money being handed over)

Chuck: Nice to see everyone is in the Christmas spirit this morning.

Lester: This is how we roll

Big Mike: Bartowski! (camers goes to Big Mike in Santa costume) Doors openin' in an hour. Round up the freaks, have everyone meet me in Santa's Village, pronto. (walks off)

(shot of Chuck, Lester and Jeff shaking their heads)

[Cut to: Big Mike as Santa, nodding]

Big Mike: This is it, people! (everyone is in line, including Casey and Chuck) D-Day! You ready for war? You have what it takes. (shot of Casey putting on band-aid) Take a sniff, Grimes! Tell these band of misfits what you smell.

Morgan: Uh absolutely. Coffee, hazelnut, maybe? Uh, Glazeberry Claw? Creamfield, perhaps?

Big Mike: I'm not talking about my breakfast! I'm talking about profits. People are lazy. Be lookin' at last-minute purchase gifts. Which is why we raise our prices 15%. We're looking at a record-sales day, as long as you people don't screw it up. So don't!

(Lester and Jeff jump back)

[Cut to: Ellie knocking and then waving with Capt. Awesome outside Buy More]

(Chuck reaches into the table and presses the button to open the store for his sister and his sister's fiance)

Ellie: Hey, thank you.

Chuck: Hey, what's going on?

Ellie: We decided to beat the rush, and take advantage of the friends and family discount.

Capt. Awesome: Oh, don't worry about getting me a gift, babe. You already did.

Ellie: (confused) I did?

Capt. Awesome: Yeah. I took it upon myself 'cause you never know what to get me.

Ellie: That's great. What did I get you?

Capt. Awesome: Weekend skydiving trip with the boys at Crestaview. Ten-thousand foot freefall. Awesome. (raises hand to high-five Chuck)

Big Mike: (offscreen) Chuck! Santa's Village!

Chuck: (slaps Capt. Awesome a high-five) Ahhhh, great. I gotta get back to work. You kids have fun. (walks out of the line of fire)

Ellie: So, uh, my present to my fiance is a ticket to death?

Capt. Awesome: It's completely safe. Besides, it's...I need an adrenaline rush. Need a sense of danger in my life. (Ellie exhales, giving up) What?

[Cut to: TV with the car chase again]

(Anna, Jeff and Lester still)

Newscaster: Okay, the suspect has just gone off the freeway and right now (fades off)

Jeff: Oh, man. The cops look pissed. I'm so winning the pool.

Lester: (takes off his elfin cap and throws it to the ground) This Christmas sucks.

[Cut to: Morgan spraying fake snow in Santa's Village and yawning. Buy More employees arranging Christmas decors in tree. Chuck climbing up to put a star on another tree.]

Newscaster: Reporting that as police continue their heisty chase through downtown Burbank. If anything, there appears to be an upspeed...now, folks, we'd like to warn that this is obviously an extremely dangerous situation.

(siren is getting louder)

(shot of Chuck's face, others are turning to see where the sound is coming from)

Newscaster: Wait a minute. It appears that the perpetrator has just turned off Burbank boulevard and...he's not slowing down!

(car crashes into Buy More, everyone reacts)

(The car goes straight for Morgan who is standing in the middle. He grabs a Christmas decor hanging from the ceiling and pulls himself up. Car proceeds until it stops just before the Nerd Herd center as Chuck hides under the table.)

(A man wielding a gun gets out. Shot off Ellie and Capt. Awesome, Big Mike and Emmett, and Chuck's alarmed looks)

Ned: All right, nobody moves!

Anna: (to Lester and Jeff) Pay up, suckers.

Chuck: (nervous with hands up) Hi. (Ned turns his gun on Chuck) Welcome to the Buy More and Merry Christmas.

(opening sequence)

[Cut to: exterior of Buy More which is filled with police cars, sirens wailing]

[Cut to: Chuck]

Ned: (distraught) Not good, not good. Oh, boy. Okay, Ned, just think. Hi! I - my name's Nathan Rhyerson. People like to call me Ned. Sorry about the entrance. (Chuck's eyes widen. This couldn't be how criminals act, right?) Uh, can someone please tell me who's in charge here?

Anna, Lester and Jeff: (points to Chuck) Chuck!

(Ned turns around)

Chuck: Actually, I'm not technically in charge.

Ned: I really don't want to hurt anyone, Chuck. So, as long as no one gets brave, no one gets shot, okay?

Chuck: Okay. (looks over to Big Mike and Emmet who slowly hide behind a flat screen) I think we're safe, yeah. Um, this store has a very strict no bravery policy.

Ned: Okay, okay. Everyone, get over there by the Santa's Village. Now, c'mon. (everyone does so) Uh, Chuck, where's the security system?

Chuck: (still with this hand up) Eh, um...just follow me. Right over here.

Ned: Are there any ways in and out fo the store?

Chuck: Yeah, they're all locked down 'cause technically we haven't opened yet.

Ned: Good. Lock it down.

(Chuck swings his legs over the counter, towards the security system)

(shot off Buy More being closed down)

[Cut to: Casey climbing down the stairs at the secure facility under Orange, Orange]

Casey: What's going on? (Sarah nods toward the flat screen where Ned is telling people to go over to the Santa's Village) Great, I step out of work one time and I miss all the fun!

General Beckman: The suspect's name is Nathan Rhyerson. He is a civilian. No record, not even a speeding ticket in the past 10 years. (clicks something and Ned's driver's license loads onscreen)

Casey: Oh, Nathan picked himself the wrong place to be naughty instead of nice. (opens a silver case) I'll play with the new toy gun I got myself for Christmas.

Sarah: General, if we go in with guns blazing, Chuck's cover will be blown. The guy seems pretty timid, not something the local PD couldn't handle.

General Beckman: What are you saying, Agent Walker?

Sarah: I'm saying that Chuck has family and friends in there, and if we blow Chuck's cover then not only he will have to go underground, but so will everyone else.

General Beckman: We'll try it Agent Walker's way first. (shot of Casey's disappointed look) Slip into the Buy More from Castle and see if you can remove Chuck without calling attention to yourselves or the asset. Understood?

Casey: (grimly) Understood.

General Beckman: Are you okay, Major?

Casey: Hm?

(Beckman gestures to his hands)

Casey: Oh, uh, just paper cuts. I'm on gift wrap station right now, General.

(shot of Sarah looking amused)

General Beckman: It's an electronics store, Major, not Basra. Get it under control.

(shot of Casey looking angry)

[Cut to: police outside Buy More]

Newscaster: This is Maureen Mitsubishi, KPFW News, reporting from the Burbank Buy More where some unlucky employees are spending the day before Christmas with an armed gunman.

(shot of Mauser getting off his car)

Mauser: Who's in charge here?

Powell: Why, I am, sir. Al Powell, Burbank PD. Who're you?

Mauser: Lt. Mauser, hostage negotiator, LAPD. What does it look like in there?

Powell: Well, everybody's safe. This guy is an amateur. Good news is, my cousin Mike is the store manager. If I know Mike, he'll have everything under control. (bites off bread)

[Cut to: Big Mike eating the same thing, camera pans to involve everyone]

Big Mike: Why today? You know how much money I'm losing? All our shoppers are going to Large Mart.

Emmett: There, there, big man. Just eat. It's gonna be okay.

Big Mike: It is?

Emmett: Of course it is. Any publicity is good publicity.

(Big Mike perks up)

Big Mike: Yeah. Besides, my cousin Big Al's a cop. LAPD will be here. We could get the store open for business by lunch, right?

Emmett: Hm, maybe.

[Cut to: Ned's picture on the flat screen while he is watching it]

Chuck: (approaching Ned slowly, arms still raised) Hey, Ned, it's Chuck.

Ned: It's a terrible picture of me. You can put your hands down. Truth is, I'm not really a bad guy, once you get to know me.

Chuck: When you're not crashing your car into an electronics store.

Ned: Yeah. Look, I know it's no excuse, but I lost my job, man. All I wanted was to get a few gifts for my kids to celebrate Christmas with my family. And the next thing you know, I'm the next OJ. What am I gonna do, Chuck? I mean, they are gonna put me in jail, aren't they?

Chuck: No, no, maybe not, maybe not. Uh, I mean, you haven't hurt anyone yet, right? (Ned nods) So, maybe if you give up, they can work out some sort of deal, probation or something?

Ned: Why would they do that?

Chuck: (looks around to make sure no one's listening) Keep this between us, but I know some people. You know, people who can make all this go away as long as you don't do anything stupid.

Ned: Who?

[Cut to: row of lockers sliding aside as Sarah and Casey appear through Buy More locker room]

[Cut to: phone ringing, everyone reacts]

Ned: Who's calling?

Chuck: Um, that's...that's probably the police. Maybe they wanna know what's happening.

Ned: Wh - I don't wanna talk to anyone. You can answer it?

Chuck: Yeah. Nerd Herd, how can I help you?

[Cut to: outside]

Mauser: This is Lt. Mauser, LAPD. Whom am I speaking with?

[Cut to: Buy More]

Chuck: This is Chuck Bartowski, Nerd Herd supervisor.

[Cut to: outside]

(This continues on as each speaks)

Mauser: Okay, Chuck, I need to talk to Ned.

Chuck: He wants to talk to you. (Ned vigorously shakes his head) He doesn't want to talk to you.

Mauser: Okay, then you and I are going to have to work through this ourselves. (shot of Powell listening in) So, tell me, is there anyone hurt in there?

Chuck: No, no. Nobody's hurt. Everybody's okay. Ned...uh..is it okay if I call you Ned?

Ned: Sure, sure. Ned's fine.

Chuck: Okay, uh, Ned explicitly told me that he wants absolutely no trouble.

Mauser: Tell him to send out hostages as a sign of good faith.

Chuck: He says that you should send out a hostage as a sign of good faith.

Emmett: (runs toward Ned and Chuck) Take me! Take me! Take me! Take me! Take me! (stops when Ned aims his gun at him) My 86-year-old mother is dying of a very rare disease. It's leukopenia, and she needs me, her BoBo.

(shot of Chuck, Lester and Jeff looking aghast. They can't believe Ned is buying this.)

Ned: Uh...okay, send him.

Emmett: Thank you, thank you! (gestures that he wants to hug Ned, Ned does, but offers a smug smile while to Chuck while hugging Ned)

Chuck: We're sending someone out.

Mauser: We got one hostage coming out, folks!

(shot of Emmett running)

[Cut to: Lester and Jeff]

Lester: That scoundrel! I bet Bartowski worked out a deal with him.

Jeff: Yeah, Chuck let Emmett go so he could get better lunch shifts.

(shot of Ellie looking exasperated)

Lester: That bastard seeling stone river, making a sweetheart deal for himself.

Jeff: It's prison rules now. Every man for himself.

(shot off Ellie looking exasperated)

[Cut to: outside]

(Emmett runs out, is grabbed by police while being shielded, etc.)

Newscaster: Maureen Mitsubishi continue to cover the story at the Burbank Buy More where (Emmett starts rearranging his shirt) a hostage has been released.

Mauser: I am Lt. Mauser, LAPD. Who are you?

Emmett: I am the assistant manager Emmett Milbarge. (all the while sneaking a look at the camera)

Mauser: Tell me, tell me. What's going on inside there?

Emmett: What's going on inside is (turns to face the camera) is the greatest sales event of the season. Uh huh, that's right. We have the best deals in town on all your electronic needs.

[Cut to: inside of Buy More, they are watching this]

Mauser: No, no, Emmett, I meant the perp. Is he dangerous?

Emmett: (laughs) Dangerous. The only thing dangerous is (faces the camera once again) how low we have slashed our prices--

Big Mike: God bless that man!

[Cut to: Ned and Chuck]

Ned: So, uh, so, Chuck, where are these people who can get me out of this?

Chuck: Um...(shot of Casey and Sarah gesturing to him to come) They're closer than you think. Can I use the bathroom? I mean, the store is locked down so I can't really go anywhere.

Ned: Hey, yeah, sure, of course.

Chuck: All right. Be back in a sec.

[Cut to: Sarah and Casey in the locker room]

Chuck: About time the cavalry showed up. So, what's the plan?

Casey: The plan is to lock you in the Castle 'til this is over. C'mon. (grabs Chuck's shoulder)

Chuck: (shrugs off Casey's hand) Whoa, whoa, what about Ellie and Morgan and everyone else?

Sarah: Our instruction was to remove you and only you, Chuck. There's a team coming to extract the rest. They'll be in good hands.

Chuck: I'm not just gonna leave my sister--

Sarah: There are rules, Chuck, and we have to follow them. So, let's go. (grabs Chuck's hand)

Chuck: (pulls himself out of Sarah's grasp) I understand that there are rules, but when it comes to family and friends, there's a time to break them.

Casey: Get in the Castle, Bartowski.

Sarah: Chuck, you're letting your emotions cloud your judgment. I promise nothing bad will hapen to them. Now, please. Come on.

Chuck: I can't take that chance.

Ned: (offscreen) Chuck, is that you?

(shot of Chuck shooing Sarah and Casey, Casey slamming the "door" close with a bang)

(Chuck gulps as Ned enters, crying out loud and cocking his gun when he sees the two agents.)

Chuck: No, no, no, nooo, Ned.

(shot of Casey and Sarah raising their hands)

Ned: Chuck, what's going on?

Chuck: Ned, Ned, please, please, please, don't shoot that gun.

Ned: Who're they?

Chuck: They're harmless, they're harmless, okay? Look, they heard you crash and they hid. This is my girlfriend Sarah.

Sarah: Hi.

Ned: Hi.

Chuck: And this is John Casey, who is even more harmless than she is.

Ned: John Casey. (not entirely believing)

(shot of Casey shrugging)

Chuck: Ned, Ned, just please uncock the gun.

Ned: (after awhile, believing Chuck) How do I do that? 'Cause, truth is, I never used one of this before.

Chuck: There's probably a button, like a safety...just go ahead--

Casey: No, no!

[Cut to: Ellie and the others as a shot is heard]

Ellie: Oh my God, Chuck!

[Cut to: outside]

Powell: We have gunfire. I repeat, we have gunfire.

[Cut to: Casey on the floor holding his leg, Sarah covering her mouth and Chuck panicking]

Ned: I'm so sorry. Are you okay? I didn't mean to shoot you. I promise!

(shot of Casey looking at Chuck)

[Cut to: Powell and the police]

Powell: We need a SWAT team down here, pronto.

[Cut to: Buy More]

(Chuck and Sarah are helping Casey walk)

(shot of Ellie's worried expression)

Chuck: It's okay, everyone! It was a mistake, an accidental shooting. (shot of Lester's scared expression, Capt. Awesome and Big Mike's worried face like Ellie) But Casey is gonna be just fine.

Casey: Idiot. You owe me a toe, Bartowski.

(Chuck laughs nervously)

(shot of Capt. Awesome putting bandage on Casey's foot while Ellie is kneeling by and Chuck is standing behind Casey)

Ellie: You're gonna be okay, John. A lot of people get by with nine toes.

(shot of Lester and Jeff)

Jeff: I'm getting by fine with eight.

Lester: How much do you think is a toe worth to Casey?

Jeff: What?

Lester: Maybe there's a finder's fee.

Casey: (pulls Chuck down) I survived three wars without so much as losing a fingernail before I met you, Bartowski.

Chuck: Look, I'm really sorry about your toe, John, but I had the situation under control. You're the one who scared him.

[Cut to: Sarah looking scared and Ellie]

Ellie: You okay?

Sarah: I'm just scared. I've never been this close to a gun before.

Ellie: Yeah, me neither. You know what? We'll be okay. We just have to stick together.

(Sarah nods)

[Cut to: Capt. Awesome looking at the flat screens and then looking at Ned]

Capt. Awesome: Big Mike, Morgan, Jeff, Lester, come here. (the four come) I don't know about you guys but I have had enough. This guy's dangerous. We need to take him out before anyone else gets hurt.

Big Mike: He's right. The store closes at midnight. We've got some merchandise to move.

(shot of Chuck approaching them)

Morgan: Fellows, I don't--

Capt. Awesome: Be a man, Morgan.

Morgan: Okay, I'll do it. I'm in.

Jeff: So am I.

Chuck: Wait, guys, hold on. This is a very bad idea, okay? Ned shot Casey by accident. He's not trying to hurt anybody. (shot of Casey limping toward them) We need to let the police handle it.

Casey: Chuck's right. Let the cops handle this.

Capt. Awesome: I don't know about you guys who work at the Buy More, but I'm a doctor, okay? I take risks everyday. This is a matter of life-or-death, (shot of Lester's determined face) so we need to man up and take action. Someone needs to be a hero.

Ellie: No, they don't, Devon. Being a hero is being alive to take care of your friends and family.

(shot of Capt. Awesome while phone is ringing)

Ned: Chuck! Chuck, they keep calling. You better answer it.

Chuck: Yup, coming right now. (faces others) Don't do anything, do nothing. I will be right back.

Ned: Hey, hey, I feel terrible about shooting your friend's toe off.

Chuck: No, no, that's okay. Sometimes, I feel like shooting him myself. (answers phone) This is Chuck.

[Cut to: outside]

Mauser: Okay, okay, talk to me, Chuck. We heard gunfire. What's going on in there?

[Cut to: Chuck]

Chuck: Everything is under control. Everything is just, just fine. There was an accidental shot fired and someone lost the majority of their toe, (shot of Casey looking angrily at Chuck) but besides that everything's okay. (shot of Casey growling at Chuck)

Mauser: Put him on the phone. I want to talk to him now.

Chuck: He wants to talk to you. (Ned backs away from the phone)

Ned: Ask him what he wants.

Mauser: (over phone) I wanna know what his demands are.

Chuck: He wants to know what your demands are.

Ned: Well, I don't know. I have to think about it.

Chuck: Can you call back in five minutes?

Mauser: Yeah, yeah.

[Cut to: Buy More]

(Ned is pacing in front of Chuck)

Chuck: So, uh, so, what are you gonna do, Ned?

Ned: I don't know. Maybe I should call my wife. She always knows what to do with these situations.

Chuck: Yeah. That - that - that's a great idea. Maybe you could let everyone else make a call, too. Check in with their loved ones, let them know they're safe.

Ned: Okay, Chuck, yeah. (Chuck walks away) Hey, honey, it's me. I'm okay. Look, uh, I know this is gonna sound bad...

(shot of flat screens showing what is going on outside, everyone is on their phones)

Capt. Awesome: Hey, mom and dad.

Ellie: Hey, guys.

Capt. Awesome: Everything's awesome. Well, not really, but we'll be okay.

(shot of Lester calling)

Female Voice: Hi there, you have reached the Love Shack hotline. If you're looking to chat with someone special, press 1.

(shot of Jeff on the phone)

Male Voice: Burbank Correctional Institute.

Jeff: Yes, I'd like to speak to Prisoner #27318 (shot of Morgan looking at Anna) AKA Mom.

Morgan: Hey, baby.

Anna: Save your breath, Morgan. (walks off)

(shot of Powell on the phone)

Powell: Hey, Big Mike, how ya holdin' up there, partner?

[Cut to: Big Mike]

Big Mike: Surviving, partner. Any...(something), partner?

[Cut to: Casey lurking behind a Christmas tree]

Casey: Mother, it's Johnny Boy.

(shots of other Buy More employeed as Sarah walks by, looking envious)

(phone rings)

Sarah: Hi, Chuck, where are you?

Chuck: DVDs. I'm in the Romantic Comedy section. (camera pans to Chuck) Although for irony's sake, I suppose I should probably be in Hostage Thrillers. (Sarah gets to the section and ends call.)

Sarah: So, uh, Ned let everyone call their, uh, loved ones. That was pretty smart to call me. Protect our cover.

Chuck: Yeah, well, you are my girlfriend. Sort of.

Sarah: (smiles) So, does that mean your offer still stands for Christmas?

Chuck: (smiles) See, I knew you could be heartwarmed. I actually have, uh, (grabs something off the floor) something for you. (shot of Sarah looking happy) I was gonna give this to you tomorrow, but given the circumstances, I'm giving it to you today.

Sarah: Chuck, we're gonna get out of here. We'll be fine-- (camera pans to a charm bracelet) Wow, that's beautiful.

Chuck: It's good luck. It was my mom's charm bracelet. (gets it on Sarah's wrist) My dad gave it to her when Ellie was born.

Sarah: Oh, Chuck, I can't take this. This is real. This is something you should give to a real girlfriend.

(shot of Chuck holding Sarah's hand)

Chuck: I know. (grins slightly as he and Sarah share a moment...to be interrupted by a ring)

Ned: Chuck!

Chuck: Duty calls. (hands Sarah the bag, shot of Sarah looking...heartwarmed) This is Chuck.

[Cut to: Mauser and Powell]

Mauser: Chuck, what does he want?

[Cut to: Buy More]

Chuck: This is Lt. Mauser. He wants to know what you want.

Ned: I want to go home and spend Christmas with my family.

(shot of Ellie and Capt. Awesome along with others, looking hopeful)

[Cut to: Mauser]

Mauser: All right. Tell him I'm coming in, Chuck. I'm unarmed. I just wanna talk so we can get him and everyone else home for Christmas.

Ned: Okay.

Chuck: Okay, all right, yeah. I'm gonna come and open the door right now.

(shot of Mauser going into Buy More while taking off his negotiator vest)

Mauser: I'm completely unarmed, Ned. Just relax so we can talk this out.

Ned: Chuck, come back here.

(Chuck swings himself over the security system and goes over to Ned, hands raised.)

Ned: I don't wanna go to jail.

Mauser: Okay, we're gonna work on that. But in the meantime, what do you say, you and I make a trade, okay? Me, for two of your hostages. You'll make a lot of people out there feel a whole lot easier.

Chuck: Yeah, in here, too.

(shot of Ned considering)

Ned: Okay, two people can go.

Mauser: Good, good. Um, what do you say we start with the injured man? Looks like he needs medical attention.

Casey: I'm fine. I'm good. Let Ellie go.

Ellie: No, no. Casey, thank you, but you need to go. Your toe could be infected.

Ned: Chuck, you've been a good friend to me. So I'm gonna return the favor. I'm gonna let your girlfriend go.

(shot of Sarah's alarmed expression)

Chuck: No!

(shot of everyone looking shocked)

Ellie: Chuck?

(shot of Chuck biting his lower lip)

Jeff: Ouch.

Lester: Yikes.

(shot of Sarah looking over at them)

Lester: Gonna be a cold Christmas over at the Bartowskis.

Female Buy More Employee: Oh no, he didn't.

(camera pans back to Chuck)

Chuck: I didn't - I don't - I don't mean I don't want my girlfriend to leave because clearly I would really like for Sarah to leave and be out of harm's away. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying, what I'm saying is that...(looks over to the others, shots of Capt. Awesome, Ellie, Morgan's curious faces) I'm not your only friend here, Ned. You've endeared yourself into the hearts of everyone here. I think we're all friends. This is...we're a family. We've gone through a lot, haven't we? So we should all leave. Why don't we all leave together?

Ned: No. Just those two.

Chuck: (shot of Casey standing up) Okay.

Casey: Don't do anything stupid (shot of SWAT arriving outside) so that the rest can get out of here without losing any appendage.

Sarah: Uh, Chuck, it's okay. (hugs him) Trust me, I won't let anyone hurt you.

Chuck: Okay.

(shot of Mauser and Sarah helping Casey walk, but Mauser remains inside)

[Cut to: Buy More]

(Chuck closes security system and swings over counter again.)

Mauser: (shakes Chuck's hand) Good to finally meet you face-to-face, Chuck. You did a hell of a job. Pretty impressive for a retail junkie.

Chuck: I just want this over as soon as possible.

Mauser: So do I, Chuck, so do I. (checks his watch leading Chuck to flash on Mauser as Fulcrum) Hey, don't worry about it, buddy. I'm a pro. Everything will be just fine.

(walks away, patting Chuck's chest)

Chuck: Wait, wait, wait.

Mauser: Chuck, you did a good job, but I'll take it from here.

Chuck: But, but, you know what? Ned is really uptight so maybe I should go over there and tell him that you're taking over. Kinda put him at ease so he doesn't get upset.

Mauser: So you guys have a trust issue?

Chuck: Yeah, yeah.

Mauser: Okay, good idea.

Chuck: Good. (walks slowly to Ned) Listen very carefully to me, Ned. This guy Mauser is no good. He's not a good guy, okay? We cannot trust him.

Ned: Why not?

Chuck: We have to let everyone out of the store right now.

Ned: Wh - if I let everyone out, I'm not gonna have any bargaining chips left. I can't go to jail, Chuck.

Chuck: Okay, look, the people that can help, the people that I was talking about, they work for the government. They will do everything to protect me. That's the only bargaining chip that you need. (shot of Mauser approaching them) Ned, you have to trust mne. You have to let everyone go. I haven't let you down yet, have I?

Mauser: (pats Chuck's shoulder) Thanks, Chuck, I'll take it from here. Okay, Ned, what do you say we make a deal?

(shot of Ned looking uneasy)

[Cut to: outside]

(SWAT unloading van)

(police are helping Casey who refuses help from paramedic)

SWAT: You need medical attention, Major.

Casey: I'm fine. Let's end this.

SWAT: How does it look in there?

Sarah: Better. Ned seemed to calm down after he talked to his wife.

Casey: Yeah, where is she? I mean, you didn't bring her down here.

SWAT: Wife? What wife? There's no record of him being married.

(camera pans to Sarah and Casey's horrified faces, then run off)

[Cut to: secure facility under Orange, Orange]

Sarah: He's right. There's no record of him being married.

Casey: Someone made the call? (camera pans to show "No Record of Marriage" and "No Record of Divorce" in their computer) See if you can trace to find out who he was speaking to.

(Sarah goes to another computer)

[Cut to: Buy More]

(Morgan, Big Mike, Jeff, Lester and Capt. Awesome are meeting again)

Capt. Awesome: Look, boys, this guy is tired and frazzled. I say, we take him out. Anyone else play ball in college?

(Lester shakes head)

Big Mike: That's my man.

Lester: I did not.

Morgan: I played (something) in PlayStation 3. Does that count?

Capt. Awesome: Be bold, Morgan.

(shot of Anna and Ellie)

Morgan: All right, I'm in.

Capt. Awesome: Now, listen up. It's called the "picket fence". (he moves candy as he speaks) Big Mike and I will be the flanks. Morgan, you'll be the sacrificial lamb. Jeff and Lester, you're coming up from behind.

(shot of Chuck's legs approaching)

Lester: Why would anyone else come up from behind? It sounds awkward.

Capt. Awesome: I mean, everybody--

Chuck: Hey, hey, what are you doing?

Capt. Awesome: Well, taking this guy out.

Chuck: No and neither are you. This situation is quite dangerous. Please, Devon, if you love Ellie, don't do this.

Capt. Awesome: Okay, Chuck, you win.

Mauser: Chuck? Can I talk to you for a minute?

Chuck: Remember, don't be awesome.

(camera pans to Mauser and Chuck in the Nerd Herd center)

Mauser: Well, Chuck, looks like Ned and I worked the whole thing out.

Chuck: That's great! That's great! I'll just go tell everybody that we could leave--

Mauser: No, no, not just yet. But soon. First you and I need to work something out on our own.

Chuck: I don't understand...

Mauser: You see, Fulcrum knows John Casey's NSA.

(shot of Chuck's horrified expression)

[Cut to: secure facility under Orange Orange]

(shot of the computer zeroing in on Buy More in their map)

Casey: The person he called is in the Buy More right now.

[Cut to: Buy More]

(shot of Chuck's horrified expression)

Mauser: The yogurt girl's CIA.

[Cut to: secure facility under Orange Orange]

(Mauser's picture appears on their screen as Fulcrum)

Sarah: Oh my God, Chuck.

[Cut to: Buy More]

(shot of Chuck's horrified expression)

Mauser: We knew they were protecting someone. We just didn't know who, so we caused a little ruckus...(something) Turns out they're protecting you.

(Chuck laughs nervously)

Chuck: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Mauser: Do you see, uh, Ned over there? (gestures toward Ned who removes his jacket with a confident smirk on his face) I'd hate to see him shoot your pretty little sister if he thought you weren't cooperating with me.

(shot of Ellie and Anna talking)

Chuck: Look, I'm, I'm just an analyst. Please don't hurt anyone.

Mauser: Chuck, you're way more than just an analyst. We did a background check on you. Turns out you were college roommates with Bryce Larkin, the same Bryce Larkin who stole the Intersect from us.

Chuck: Bryce Larkin is dead.

Mauser: And I'm done negotiating. (nods to Ned who cocks his gun)

Chuck: Wait, wait, stop him, stop him, please stop him. (Mauser signals to Ned who lowers his gun) What do you want?

Mauser: I wanna know where Bryce Larkin and the Intersect are, and if I think you're lying just a little bit, your sister dies. Where's Bryce Larkin?

(shot of Chuck stealing a look at the confident Ned)

Chuck: I don't know.

Mauser: Then, I'm really sorry.

Chuck: But I know where the Intersect is.

Mauser: Where?

(shot of Capt. Awesome and Ellie)

Chuck: (taps his temple) It's right here.

(Mauser smiles while Chucks looks downcast)

Mauser: All right, Chuck, this is how it's gonna play out. Ned's gonna release another hostage -- you. Then, you and I are gonna go out, get into an ambulance, which will take you to a secure Fulcrum facility where you'll stay.

(shot of Ellie)

Chuck: I'm never gonna see my sister again, am I?

Mauser: No.

Chuck: Well, then, would you mind if I said goodbye to her please?

Mauser: Okay, but if you say or do anything that will call attention to me or your situation, Ned's gonna shoot her. Kapeesh?

Chuck: Yeah.

Mauser: Okay. Good. Go ahead.

Chuck: They're letting me go.

Ellie: Oh, thank God! (hugs Chuck)

Chuck: Goodbye, Ellie. You know how much I love you, right?

Ellie: Hey, hey, cheer up. It will be okay. You're acting like you'll never see me again.

Capt. Awesome: See you, big Chuck. (hugs Chuck)

Chuck: Listen, listen, there's a time to be brave and a time to be timid. This is the time to be brave. Do it.

Capt. Awesome: Right on, bro.

[Cut to: exterior of Buy More]

(Mauser is escorting Chuck out)

Newscaster: Sir, sir, over here. Can we get a statement, sir?

[Cut to: secure facility under Orange Orange]

(Sarah and Casey are attaching the silencer to their guns)

Newscaster: (on TV) Maureen Mitsubishi back at the Buy More where apparently another hostage has just been released.

(Sarah and Casey double back)

Newscaster: We're not sure of his identity, but he appears to be unharmed.

(shot of Chuck and Mauser climbing onto an ambulance)

Sarah: Fulcrum's got Chuck.

[Cut to: Buy More]

Capt. Awesome: Everybody, ready?

Lester: Yeah.

Capt. Awesome: Hands in. Break!

(shot of Anna and Ellie)

Ellie: Hope they don't do anything risky.

Anna: Morgan's with them. Trust me, you've got nothing to worry about.

(shot of Ned in the Nerd Herd center and the others getting into position)

(Lester and Jeff each get a huge candy cane)

(As they rush in, Ned looks excited and lands a roundhouse kick on Lester's face.)

(shot of Ellie, Anna and Capt. Awesome looking surprised)

[Cut to: exterior of Orange Orange]

(The ambulance with Chuck and Mauser drives by)

Mauser: (from inside) Go, go!

Sarah: They're getting away with Chuck. (shoots at the tire of the ambulance; Casey shoots at another tire)

(The ambulance crashes into a tent)

(Chuck runs into a tree farm)

Mauser: Get back here.

(Sarah shoots at Mauser, but hits the window of the ambulance; Mauser runs after Chuck)

[Cut to: Buy More]

(shot of Ned getting out his gun)

(shot of Ellie and Anna looking after an unconscious Lester)

Ellie: He's fine. That was really stupid, Devon.

Anna: At least he's not afraid to take a risk like Morgan.

Ned: Finally, this is getting interesting. Who's next? (sees Jeff with the candy cane and walks toward him) You?

(Jeff runs away and hides behind Capt. Awesome)

(Ned aims his gun at Capt. Awesome who puts up his hand)

(shot of eyes opening under a pile of fake snow; Morgan stands up and sprays it all over Ned while Capt. Awesome and Big Mike tackles him; Capt. Awesome grabs Ned's gun)

Morgan: Anna, did you see that?

Anna: Lester, are you okay? That was so brave.

(shot of Lester staring down Anna and Ellie's shirt)

Lester: In times of a crisis, a man needs to step up.

(shot of Ellie smiling)

[Cut to: tree farm]

(Chuck is runnning for his life and Mauser following him)

(A hand clamps down on Chuck's mouth. The camera pans down and we see the bracelet.)

Chuck: Lt. Mauser's Fulcrum and so was Ned. It was all a set-up.

Sarah: I know.

Chuck: Everyone in the store are still in danger.

Sarah: A team is moving them right now. They'll be fine. Now I need you to run back as fast as you can to the Castle.

Chuck: I can't leave you alone with this guy!

Sarah: Chuck, your (something) is more important than mine. Now leave and don't turn back. Go!

(shot of Chuck's hesitation as he runs back)

(shot of Sarah's worried expression as she moves forward)

[Cut to: Chuck running, then stopped. He couldn't leave Sarah alone with Mauser. He runs back.]

[Cut to: Mauser still in pursuit, gun forward]

[Cut to: Sarah, also gun forward]

(scene switches until Mauser's foot connects with Sarah's gun)

(fight scene)

(After Mauser beats Sarah, she manages to get the upper hand and sweeps Mauser off his feet. As he pants, Sarah gets up and gets the gun.)

Mauser: (panting) You may have beaten me, Agent Walker, but Fulcrum has won. I know that Chuck Bartowski's the Intersect.

Sarah: That secret is safe, and you're going straight to a CIA detention facility, never to be seen or heard from again.

Mauser: (slowly gets up) You go right ahead, Agent Walker. Arrest me. But say goodbye to Chuck. You see, (camera pans to Sarah's face) I'm not like those other Fulcrum agents. They'll do whatever it takes to find me, and when they do, every Fulcrum agent is gonna know Chuck's the Intersect. It's gonna be the end of his pathetic existence.

[Cut to: Chuck, peeking at the scene having just arrived]

Mauser: So take me in, Agent Walker. I'm ready to go.

[Cut to: Sarah's face. What must she do? She lowers the gun, then suddenly shoots Mauser]

(Transcriber's Note: There is a brief inconsistency here. Sarah uses her right hand to shoot Mauser, but the next scene shows her left hand holding the gun while her right hand supports it. Then, her right hand is holding the gun again.)

(unknown to her, Chuck is seeing all this)

[Cut to: exterior of Buy More with Burbank PD police cars]

[Cut to: Buy More, where Ned is being led away and everyone is hugging and kissing with mistletoe]

[Cut to: Big Mike and Big Al seeing each other, then running toward the other for a hug]

Powell: How you doin'?

Big Mike: Okay.

Powell: Thought I was about to lose you there for a minute.

Big Mike: It was hell, but I survived.

Powell: You hungry?

Big Mike: I can eat.

[Cut to: Chuck coming in, Anna looking over Lester who is on a stretcher, and Ellie talking to an officer]

Capt. Awesome: Ellie, I thought you'd like to know I cancelled my skydiving trip.

Ellie: Are you sure? I thought you wanted more excitement.

Capt. Awesome: I've had all the excitement I need, honey. (holds up a mistletoe and kisses his fiancee)

(camera pans to Lester and Anna)

Lester: Thanks.

Anna: For what?

Lester: Standing here with me. I wouldn't want to be alone tonight.

Anna: Me too.

Lester kisses Anna suddenly and is seen by Morgan who walks away before...)

Anna: (pulls away) Gross!

(Lester chuckles as he is being wheeled away)

(camera pans to Sarah coming in, looking exhausted, then forces herself to smile)

Sarah: (kisses him) Chuck! It's okay, you're safe. I got the Fulcrum agent.

Chuck: What happened to him?

Sarah: I arrested him. Casey's taking him to a secure facility as we speak. (shot of Chuck's disturbed face) It's okay. He's gonna go to jail. He'll never bother you again.

Capt. Awesome: Merry Christmas, guys!

Sarah: Merry Christmas. (hugs Ellie, then Capt. Awesome)

Ellie: Merry Christmas. (hugs Sarah) Merry Christmas, Chuck. (hugs her brother) This is something we're never gonna forget soon.

Chuck: Yeah.

(shot of Ellie touching the bracelet)

Ellie: That's fantastic (something)

Sarah: Thank you. (rest is only a chatter as she looks at Chuck who's looking uneasy)

(Chuck sees a broken Morgan. He goes to him.)

Morgan: Let me ask you something. What will you do if you see your girlfriend do something so horrific, it gets permanently burned into your brain?

Chuck: I don't know, buddy. I know exactly what you mean.

(shot of police pushing Ned's car away)




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