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#503 : Le côté obscur de Morgan

Titre en VO
: Chuck Vs The Frosted Tips
Titre en VF :
Diffusion USA : 11/11/11 sur NBC
Diffusion France :
13/10/12 sur NT1

Résumé court : Morgan devient de moins en moins lui même à cause de l'intersecret. Il ira jusqu'à travailler pour la concurrence, Verbanski Corp.

Chuck fera tout pour récupérer son meilleur ami et le sauvera de justesse, jusqu'à qu'il y est un imprévu... On ordonne à Chuck de faire quelquechose qu'il est dans l'impossibilité de faire !


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Titre VO
Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips

Titre VF
Le côté obscur de Morgan


Morgan accepts Gertrude's offers

Morgan accepts Gertrude's offers


Saving Morgan and Gertrude

Saving Morgan and Gertrude


Morgan arrive en hélicoptère

Morgan arrive en hélicoptère


Awesome and baby Clara

Awesome and baby Clara


I love the Intersecret

I love the Intersecret


I am the Master

I am the Master


News Jeff Barnes

News Jeff Barnes


Good morning Mr and Mrs Bartowski

Good morning Mr and Mrs Bartowski


Sarah and Casey buddies

Sarah and Casey buddies


Sarah vs Gertrude

Sarah vs Gertrude


John Casey "romantic moment"

John Casey "romantic moment"


Morgan greets Beckman

Morgan greets Beckman


Sneak peek 2

Sneak peek 2


Plus de détails

asey creeps around a street corner with Sarah in his ear. He's 100 meters away from his intercept target: Gertrude Verbanski. With Sarah's help, he's planned a "chance" meeting in the hopes of breaking the ice with his old flame. But when Gertrude gives him an opening, Casey fumbles. He shakes her hand and tells her he'll see her around. He does manage to plant a surveillance device on her, however. The Colonel's a bit rusty at the romance game.

Chuck and Morgan sit in a Burbank parking garage, waiting for a rendezvous. Slowly a car pulls up and General Beckman gets out. She wants Chuck and company to nab a whistleblower named Mats Zorn who's been leaking confidential information, including CIA secrets. She hands Chuck a flash drive containing Zorn's itinerary. He is to stop Zorn in his tracks. Mission accepted. Morgan yells at the general: "Hey Becky!" Clearly, something's not quite right with the new Intersect.

Chuck drops Morgan off at the Buy More and heads home. In the courtyard, he bumps into Alex. She's waiting for Morgan; they've got a date planned. A baffled Chuck tells her he just dropped Morgan off. Upset and offended, Alex walks away. In Casey's apartment, Chuck and Sarah review the mission as Casey spies on Verbanski. Chuck and Sarah tease Casey about his infatuation and his methods. But the mood turns dark when Casey's surveillance camera reveals that she's got a new gun for hire in her ranks: Morgan Grimes.

Sarah wakes the next morning to find Chuck sitting at the dining room table, distraught. His best friend and most valuable corporate asset has turned traitor. Sarah does her best to comfort him. Meanwhile at Ellie and Awesome's house, a big day is underway. Ellie's returning to work at the hospital. Captain Awesome will be a full-time dad for a while. She leaves and he and the baby embark on their morning routine: eating, cleaning, sit-ups, playing, drawing, etc. It's quickly clear: Awesome's already bored out of his mind. What is he going to do with the rest of the day ?

At the Buy More, Chuck and everyone else in the store stops and stares as a sleek Monotracer pulls right onto the store floor. A slick, sharp-dressed Morgan emerges, flipping his keys. His hair's been frosted; he wears lifts in his shoes; and he smells of Ed Hardy cologne. He walks in slow motion over to Chuck and hands him his three weeks' notice. He's gone full d-bag - and doesn't care who knows it. Sarah and Casey, waiting in the manager's office, try to convince Morgan that if he leaves, he's not coming back. He doesn't care. Casey then tells him that he won't have a traitor dating his daughter. Fine, Morgan says; he proceeds to send Alex a text message: DMPD'd. He's just broken up with her via SMS.

Casey goes to comfort Alex, while Sarah and Chuck devise a plan to bring Morgan back down to earth. But they've got an immediate problem: the drive with the mission information about Mats Zorn is missing. "The bearded bastard stole our mission," Casey growls. Incensed, Chuck starts grabbing weapons and handing them to his team. He wants to take out the competition.

Awesome wheels a baby carriage into the Buy More. He finds Jeff under a smoking car in the auto stereo service bay; he's trying to coax a little more power out of his beloved van. Awesome's concerned for his health: Jeff's been sleeping in his van for some time - and always with the engine running. Awesome lets Jeff know he may be brain damaged; neither he nor Lester seems to care.

Casey, Sarah and Chuck infiltrate Verbanski's headquarters. They knock out three guards and change into their uniforms. While in disguise, Chuck accesses security cameras and helps navigate Casey to Verbanski's office. While looking for the zip drive, Casey's distracted - especially when he finds the gun that was taken off him in Minsk by Verbanski in 1995. But he discovers the safe, cracks it and extracts the memory stick with the info on it. On comms, Chuck and Sarah warn Casey: Verbanski and Morgan are on their way. Casey hides in the wings as Morgan heads off for training and Gertrude has a look around, her spy sense aroused that something isn't right in her office. She finds Casey and they enjoy some passionate but brutal hand to hand combat.

Chuck's disguise forces him to stand with his fellow guards for Verbanski team training. The security team is up against a tough new instructor: Morgan. Chuck stands among a circle of employees, all wearing headgear that disguises their faces. Morgan calls opponents into the center to spar, knocking them down until only one remains. Of course, it's Chuck. Pulling off his headgear, Chuck tries to reason with Morgan to return the missing drive and come back to work for him. But Morgan's cold; he tells Chuck they are no longer friends. Upstairs, Casey and Verbanski continue their own ritual fight. They almost kiss, then punch and grapple until Casey finally gets her up against her desk, moves in closer, and... handcuffs her to it.

Chuck wants the zip drive back, but beyond that, he wants his friend back. "We are not friends" rings in Chuck's ears. Via a P.A. system, Verbanski tells Morgan he needs to secure the stolen drive. Casey and Sarah arrive, with tranq guns at the ready. Morgan warns them to hand over the drive, but Casey just sneers. Morgan makes a move, and Sarah and Casey unload their tranqs on him. But the zoom-powered Morgan simply avoids each dart. Frustrated, Chuck sneaks up from behind and pulls down Morgan's pants - just like in middle school. Morgan turns around to face him. "Really, you're gonna do that?" he says, and BAM! a dart fires right into Morgan's butt. Chuck runs off with Casey and Sarah.

Back at the Buy More, Awesome attends to Jeff, evaluating the effects of months and possibly years of carbon monoxide poisoning on his brain. After a few tests, he's got a winning prescription for Jeff: stop sleeping in your van. In Castle, Casey and Chuck evaluate the drive and get a fix on where Mats Zorn will be tonight: hopping in a helicopter landing on the roof of a downtown high-rise.

Sarah meets with Ellie to talk about Morgan. He's not handling the Intersect well; Ellie tells her that they can have the CIA remove the Intersect if necessary. Sarah calls General Beckman to tell her of the mix-up. The general tells Sarah that she never sent them Intersect glasses. The intersect that Morgan uploaded wasn't from Beckman; it was from someone else in the CIA. Sarah tells Casey and Chuck the news. Morgan's behavior is not his fault; it's the program that's destroying him. "Why would anyone want to hurt Morgan?" They wouldn't. Casey realizes that the new Intersect glasses were actually intended to destroy Chuck. They also realize that Morgan's made a copy of the memory drive and is probably angling to pre-empt their take down of Zorn.

Chuck, Sarah and Casey walk a rooftop dressed as two pilots and a flight attendant. The helicopter lands. Verbanski, Morgan and another agent get out also dressed as two pilots and an attendant. Both spy teams have the same plan! Mats Zorn arrives and both spy teams open fire on Zorn's security detachment. Sarah and Gertrude try to arrest Zorn at the same time. Chuck confronts Morgan, as the rest of the crews fight. Zorn uses the opportunity to get away. As he's about to take off in the helicopter, a hole is shot in the helicopter and gas begins to leak. If Morgan fires his gun, they're all dead. Chuck rushes to unlock Morgan's memory and get him back to real life. Morgan, exposed to a visceral middle school memory, recovers, and suddenly, he's back to his old self.

Zorn gives himself up and all seems to be going according to plan until the fuel leaks onto an electrical outlet and a fire ignites. Morgan and Verbanski are knocked out by the fire's force. Chuck and Casey run through the fire and rescue the two just before the helicopter explodes. Gertrude thanks Casey with a long overdue kiss. Morgan and Chuck finally sit down next to each other as two friends.

Back at Castle, Casey can't decide which gun to take on his firing range date with Verbanski. Sarah's impressed. As Casey leaves, Chuck's got some good news: a $2.1 million paycheck from Beckman. Carmichael Industries has a new lease on life. And apparently so does Jeff. On the floor of the Buy More, we see him clean-shaven, his shirt tucked in, hair combed - an absolutely transformed man. He runs into Lester who wants him to help taser a co-worker for fun. The new Jeff will have none of it. Lester's aghast.

Captain Awesome examines Morgan and lets him know: he'll need to see a brain specialist to get everything sorted out. Morgan knows what a jerk he'd become, but still, he'll miss his Intersect powers. Awesome understands; he lost his identity when he first became a stay-at-home dad. "Don't confuse your job with your life," says Awesome. Morgan takes the advice to heart.

Morgan apologizes to Casey for his behavior, especially how he treated Alex. He wants to move back in; Casey hands him his Star Wars blanket and shuts the door in his face. Chuck and Sarah take him in. Chuck gets a call from Beckman, asking for a meet. They meet in a garage where Beckman briefs Chuck that, courtesy of Clyde Decker, the CIA has a kill order out on Morgan. She tells Chuck he needs to protect Morgan. He calls Morgan, who is in the shower and doesn't pick up. A hand reaches underneath Morgan's car and plants a bomb. Morgan exits the house and heads towards the car.


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