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#504 : La vipère

Titre en VO
: Chuck Vs The Business Trip
Titre en VF :
Diffusion USA : 18/11/11 sur NBC
Diffusion France :
13/10/12 sur NT1
Guest Stars : Katharine Dent, David Koechner

Résumé court :
Chuck et Sarah se rendent à un week-end avec les meilleurs vendeurs des Buy More. Chuck se fait passer pour Morgan, afin d'identifier le tueur qui veut l'éliminer.

Quant à Devon, il vit ses derniers instants de congés de paternité... Morgan essaye de reconquérir Alex, en lui disant la vérité !


4.44 - 9 votes

Titre VO
Chuck Versus the Business Trip

Titre VF
La vipère


Sexy time (VO)

Sexy time (VO)


Morgan loses the intersecret

Morgan loses the intersecret


The viper

The viper


Sneak peek 1

Sneak peek 1


Bartowski family at its best

Bartowski family at its best


Pool scene

Pool scene


I don't know what is this

I don't know what is this


Plus de détails

Morgan walks to his car just flipping his keys without a care in the world. Little does he know there's a bomb planted underneath his car. He starts to click the remote key lock when Chuck pops out of nowhere and tackles him. His life's in danger! The boys are fine, but they have to get back to the office and figure out a plan to keep Morgan out of the CIA-ordered hit that's out on him. Morgan's on board with the plan, but he needs to get something from his car before they go. Click-click on the remote and... the car explodes !

Sarah tells Morgan that if they remove the Intersect from him, then the CIA will be off his tail. General Beckman arrives ready to remove the Intersect. But before it's gone, Morgan wants one last taste. He asks Chuck and Sarah to hurl a barrage of throwing stars at him. He catches his last star and takes a seat next to Beckman. She straps a special set of glasses onto him, and in moments, Morgan's free of the Intersect. Beckman informs the team she'll be back in touch when the CIA hit is off Morgan. He's to lay low until then.

It's time for "mommy and me" yoga in the courtyard, and it's Mommy Awesome who's got all the moves. Awesome does stretches with baby Clara, who he considers a "rad yogi." Chuck and Sarah watch the two lovingly. Ellie comes downstairs, and even though she tells Chuck and Sarah that she's happy to be able to work, it's clear she misses spending time with Clara.

Chuck vents to Sarah about a few things that have been on his mind lately. He loves Ellie and Awesome, but he's a little jealous that they get to live fairly normal lives. "Do you want to not be spying?" she asks him. Chuck replies that he loves the job, but sometimes a 9-5 seems more appealing than a 24/7 spy gig. Sarah's sure that they'll figure out exactly what it means to be free-agent spies, even without the Intersect, and eventually they'll get to live normally. Sarah gets a text from Beckman that reads, "Report to the Castle"; the almost normal afternoon is over.

Via videoconference, Beckman tells the group that most of the assassins targeting Morgan have been called off. But, there's one problem: the order originally came from Decker's desk, and it's still there. Suddenly, Decker interrupts the chat. The Intersect may be gone, but unfortunately and not accidentally, he's ordered an outside contractor to finish the job. "The Viper" is his name, and he's never had an uncompleted mission; he's logged hundreds of successful hits. Morgan's nervous now. Chuck, Sarah and Casey work on removing Morgan's name from the Viper's list.

Back at the Buy More, Lester tries to get Jeff's attention by laughing really loudly. The new-and-improved Jeff is reading a book; Lester interrupts him with his scheme to score a free trip to the Buy More Salesman of the Year Convention in Riverside. He tells Jeff that he's rigged it so that every employee's sales this quarter are logged under his name, which means he'll soon be up to his eyebrows in popcorn shrimp and Inland Empire tail. The old Jeff would have high-fived him, but the new Jeff knows that Lester's abusing the system. He wants Lester to undo it and work hard to legitimately earn that popcorn shrimp.

Now that the Intersect has been removed, Morgan has lost a lot of his memory. Chuck gives Morgan a bag of DVDs: start with Star Wars. Jeff calls Chuck and tells him that the Buy More manager needs to decide whom to send to the Salesman of the Year Convention. Chuck hangs up; he's got a plan for how to find the Viper. Chuck announces to the Buy More staff that Morgan has been chosen to go to the convention. Chuck's plan is to go undercover as Morgan and smoke out the Viper. Morgan updates his Facebook page with a picture of Chuck. Soon, Chuck and Sarah are checking in at the convention center hotel as Morgan Grimes and guest. In a room nearby, a pair of hands shuts a computer with a picture of Chuck's face on it. The hands reach for one of many weapons that lie on the bed... it's the Viper. 

Chuck and Sarah walk around the Convention, trying to get bio data so Casey can crunch it through a lie detector and hopefully identify the Viper. Crazy Bob, a jolly corporate exec, pops in with shots for everyone. Chuck and Sarah both work the cocktail party extensively, but they can't get a positive I.D. for the Viper off of anyone. Chuck checks out the bartender; Sarah connects with a woman named Jane, who is just happy to have someone to talk to. In the midst of their conversation, someone grabs Chuck and pulls him down into the pool. Sarah jumps in after him and suddenly, there's a pool party!

Casey and Morgan continue their work in Castle. Morgan tells Casey how much he misses Alex and asks for her new phone number. Casey isn't giving that up. He hands Morgan some more Star Wars DVDs, and with them, he spills the biggest Star Wars secrets. Yup, he's still mad about what Morgan did to Alex.

Chuck and Sarah yuck it up with their Buy More colleagues. They marvel at how normal it seems; Jane has even asked Sarah for coffee. But the spy duo reminds themselves that they are there on a mission: to identify and neutralize the Viper. Chuck announces to the crowd that he's turning in and Crazy Bob walks him to his room. As Bob and Chuck stumble the hallways, Casey confirms from Chuck's bio-metric sensors that Bob is lying repeatedly. Could he be the Viper? Chuck enters his room, and Sarah appears at Bob's door; he invites her in. Bob tells Sarah he knows she's not who she says she is - admits that he's not either. It turns out he likes to play dress up as a bunny rabbit. He wants Sarah to play with him, too, but she knocks him out before he can even think about hopping away. Just then there's a CRASH! Next door, the bartender has attacked Chuck from behind, trying to choke him. Sarah knocks the bartender out. It appears they've got their Viper.

Chuck and Sarah drag the bartender back to Castle. They need him to acknowledge that the hit has officially been called off Morgan before they'll let him go. Casey enters the cell to try his own style of getting through to the prisoner. While Casey's away, Morgan uses Casey's phone to text Alex. He sends a message telling her to meet him at the Buy More; Alex thinks it's from her dad. Meanwhile Sarah, craving a little slice of normalcy, wants to grab a drink with Jane. Chuck thinks it's a great idea.

Awesome runs some tests on Jeff and tells him that he's shown incredible improvement from his carbon monoxide-filled days. He seems to be functioning like a normal person now. Ellie bursts into the room and steals Clara from Awesome. Jeff realizes that something is wrong with Ellie: she wants to be home with her child, but he knows that she'll never tell Awesome that. No one saw the day coming, but Jeff has actually provided Awesome with insight into his own life.

At the Buy More, Morgan tries to explain his bad behavior of late to Alex. "There was a super computer in my head melting my brain," he says. She's not buying it. Meanwhile there's more brain-scrambling going on inside the Buy More: Lester slides a hose underneath the door of the break room where Jeff and Big Mike sit. The other end of the hose is attached to the tailpipe of Jeff's van.

Downstairs, Chuck interrogates the bartender and realizes that his capture was too easy. "We were supposed to catch you," says Chuck. The bartender smiles. Chuck rushes out to Sarah's car just as she's about to pull away. Chuck yells to her: there's a car bomb under the gas pedal. There's no way the bartender put it there if he was locked up in Castle. Chuck and Sarah realize that Jane is the Viper after all. But before they can rush to the Buy More to save Morgan, Chuck is going to have to disarm the car bomb that's under Sarah's foot. Jane shows up to the Buy More. "I'm looking for Morgan Grimes," she tells a sales associate.

Morgan gets an urgent text from Chuck: they haven't captured the Viper. He warns Morgan to be on the lookout for a harmless looking brunette. Morgan notices Sarah's new friend, Jane - and realizes she's the Viper! He grabs Alex and drags her through one of the aisles. Unaware of the threat, Casey sees Morgan kidnapping his daughter and hits the boiling point. Inside the store, Big Mike passes out from the exhaust and Jeff rushes him out of the break room. A co-worker sets the fire alarm off, and all hell breaks loose. Amidst the chaos, Chuck works feverishly to disarm the bomb in Sarah's car.

Morgan and Alex are still hiding inside the Buy More. Jane sneaks around with a gun in her hand. Morgan hides Alex in a closet. Outside, Chuck take a calculated risk to disarm the bomb. Jane hears a noise in one of the aisles. She turns to follow it, when her phone rings: it's Sarah. Sarah pretends to be having a crisis - she wants Jane to talk her through it. Jane stays on the line as she creeps through the Buy More, searching for her target. Just as she's ready to dispatch Morgan, Sarah appears right behind her, holding a gun to her head. The Viper is finally caught.

Beckman and Decker are on split-screen on the Castle monitor. The Viper and the bartender stand alongside Chuck, Casey, Sarah and Morgan as they listen to Beckman praise them on their efforts. Decker impassively announces that the hit is finally off. Chuck and Morgan escort the two CIA killers out. Casey's surprised that Decker took the news so well; he and Sarah both realize that Decker has not really called the hit off. Casey assures Sarah that he'll take care of it.

Jeff confronts Lester about his recent shenanigans. As payback, Jeff has ordered Lester's arrest. Alex walks with Morgan in the courtyard. They can't get back together, but they can still be friends. Sarah invites the two of them in for hors d'oeuvres. Alex wants to know if her dad is there, but Sarah says that he's going to be a little late. Why? He's busy spying on the Viper. Surrounded by a team of men, Jane talks to Decker on the phone about neutralizing everyone who knows her cover. But Casey won't let her do that. Jane and her crew hear Casey across the street, and before they can even think about shooting him, he's killed every last one of them.

Ellie, Awesome, Sarah, Chuck, Morgan and Alex hang out in Chuck's apartment. They're drinking wine and talking about their days just as Casey bursts in and apologizes for showing up late. Finally, it seems that they're normal people with normal friends. Sarah makes a toast to friendship. Awesome announces he's decided to go back to work. Morgan approaches Casey about Alex; he isn't going to bother her anymore. But it seems Casey's forgiven him. He invites Morgan to live with him again, and he gives him a set of Indiana Jones DVDs. Everyone sits down to dinner and just when things seem to be going well, there's a knock on the door. It's Decker. He's here to arrest Casey for murder.


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